Support Engineer

We are looking for someone to help the Tiny News Collective meet our founders’ technology needs.

One of the primary offerings of the Tiny News Collective is the Tiny News Platform. The Tiny News Platform allows members of the Tiny News Collective to create a complete digital news business with web publishing, newsletters, membership, analytics, comments and more.

The Tiny News Platform is built in JavaScript with a next.js frontend and a GraphQL-based backend. We interface with this stack in a variety of ways, including a Google Apps Script project that allows members to publish content directly from Google Docs. The Support Engineer will primarily contribute code to these aspects of the platform, in consultation with the Technology Director and Lead Developer on the project. 

As the support engineer, you will work directly with members of the Tiny News Collective addressing their technical needs with the Tiny News Platform. The Support Engineer will report to the Technology Director and work with the development team, including student fellows, on the Tiny News Platform to design and implement solutions to problems that arise with the platform.

The Support Engineer's role is to work with TNC members to help them address issues with the platform and figure out ways to make the platform better.

Position Type: Full time, funded for 6 months with potential for the role to become permanent depending on funding

Compensation: $50,000

Location: Remote

Team: The Support Engineer will report to the Technology Director and work with the development team.

Application deadline: Jan 05, 2022 11:59 pm


  • Directly answer member questions and support their needs
  • Onboard new members onto the platform as the Tiny News Collective grows
  • Write thorough and accessible documentation for the Tiny News Platform
  • Contribute code directly to the platform to solve issues and make improvements
  • Work with our ticketing system to log issues with the platform

Skills, experience and interests

This position is a great fit for an early-career web developer who is interested in journalism and supporting entrepreneurs in building sustainable news businesses. 

Our members are spread across the country and come with a wide variety of experience and backgrounds. Adaptability and clear communication are crucial skills for this role.

We're looking for the following skills:

  • You are fluent in writing code on both the server-side and the client-side for the web. This project is primarily built on next.js and various Node.js services, but we're not picky about your language experience.
  • You have taken technical projects from conception to completion efficiently and effectively.
  • You can explain technical processes to non-technical people.
  • You are comfortable writing technical documentation for non-technical people.
  • You believe in user-centered design and are comfortable participating in user testing, research, and other activities to help us craft the technical solutions we build.
  • You are comfortable working with a remote team.
  • You proactively communicate about your work
  • You are a collaborative listener and and team member
  • You have the ability to adapt and adjust as we respond to founder needs


How to apply

To apply, send an email to with the subject line "Support Engineer." Please include a résumé and a cover letter that addresses the following:

  • What interests you about working with the Tiny News Collective?
  • Tell us about a software project you worked on. What role did you play, and what did you learn working on the project? If possible, provide a link to the project. However, we understand that some projects are private or no longer available.
  • Tell us about a time you worked with someone using software you created. What did you learn from that person using your software? How did it influence the development of your software?

The Tiny News Collective is a collaborative project.

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