The Collective Experience

What’s the path of a Tiny News Collective member?

Membership in the Tiny News Collective is a supportive, catalyzing experience for founders getting their business off the ground. We support founders from the moment they decide to apply to the day they outgrow us. Here’s an overview of the arc of a Tiny News Collective membership.

Application & Selection

All of our application materials are available in advance of the open application periods. We offer AMAs, office hours, workshops and an application worksheet so you have the time and support to feel confident in your application.


There are three steps in our onboarding process:

  • Administration: Setting up your company, reviewing our policies and management agreement
  • Community: Joining our slack channel, being introduced to the curriculum with your fellow founders, setting your early priorities, content and revenue strategies
  • Technology: Learning how to use all the tools and technologies that will help you become a successful member of the Tiny News Collective


The curriculum covers both the news and business parts of building and growing a news business. We will also train you to use our publishing platform so you're ready to go the day you launch. And you won’t be going through this alone. You’ll be in a community with other founders going through the same process.

Operating, Publishing & Growing

You will spend the first few months in the collective immersing yourself learning the ins and outs of the Tiny News publishing platform. From the day you launch, you will have access to additional training, support and collective resources to bolster your efforts.

Moving Out & Moving Up

When your site grows bigger and your technology needs change, we help you migrate to what comes next. When you’re ready to leave, you leave with complete ownership of your intellectual property and with all of us cheering you on in your success.

The Tiny News Collective is a collaborative project.

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